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YMY-0904NS solar powered street lights with solar panel

YMY0904N Solar Led Flood Light Garden, school, square, yard, REsidntial community, road
  • YMY0904NS
  • YMY
  • YMY0904NS-100

Product Description

Product advantages:

◆ Solar panels: imported high-conversion Solar panel

◆ Batteries: Fully sealed valve-controlled maintenance-free lithium battery

◆ Solar energy is used as the energy source, so it don't need any electricity charges.

◆ Solar panels charge the batteries when they are in the sunshine in the daytime and power the batteries when they need lighting at night.

◆ It does not need complex and expensive pipe laying and installation, and can adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns at will.

◆ It is safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, and can work stably and reliably without manual operation. Save electricity and avoid maintenance.


     Model                 Watt(w)    Lumen(lm)   Charging Time    Battery Type   Discharging Time     LED  

YMY-0904NX-030      30               3600              8-10 hours        LiFePO4          8-10 hours           MLS
YMY-0904NX-040      40               4800              8-10 hours        LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS

YMY-0904NX-050      50               6000              8-10 hours        LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS

YMY-0904NX-060      60               7200               8-10 hours        LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS
YMY-0904NX-200      200            24000              8-10 hours        LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS     
YMY-0904NX-300      300            36000              8-10 hours        LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS

Product Detailes

solar street light 1

solar street light 2

solar street light 3

solar street lights

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