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YMY0904N Solar Led Flood Light

YMY0904N Solar Led Flood Light Garden, school, square, yard, REsidntial community, road
  • YMY0904N
  • YMY
  • YMY0904N-100

Product Description

◆ Solar panels: imported high-conversion Solar panel

◆ Batteries: Fully sealed valve-controlled maintenance-free lithium battery

◆ Controller: Light control + time control, multi-power section intelligent choice, battery reverse connection protection,      LED short circuit, open circuit protection, controller waterproof IP65.

◆ Lighting time: 6-9 hours x 7 days

◆ Suitable installation height: 2-12 meters.

◆ The solar led flood light is widely used in urban main and secondary roads, residential areas, factories, streets, rural roads, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places of lighting.


     Model          Watt(w)   Solar Panel (v)   Lumen(lm)   Charging Time    Battery Type   Discharging Time     LED  

YMY-0901G-050     50          6                    6000               8-10 hours           LiFePO4         8-10 hours           MLS

YMY-0901G-100    100         6                   12000              8-10 hours          LiFePO4          8-10 hours           MLS

Product Detailes

lithium batteries

solar panel

remote control


flood lights PDF download  YMY-0919D Brochure

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