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You are here: Home / Products / Led flood light / YMY0906G High Luminous Smd Outdoor IP66 Cheap Led Flood Lights
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YMY0906G High Luminous Smd Outdoor IP66 Cheap Led Flood Lights

High quality outdoor High Lumen Led Flood Light, waterproof IP 66, outdoor and indoor use
  • YMY-0906G
  • YMY
  • YMY-0906G-100

Product Description

YMY-0906G outdoor LED flood light has following features:

1. Obvious Energy-saving effect. High-power LED light source is equipped with high-efficiency. driver. It can save more than 70% energy compared with sodium lamp.

2. Green environmental protection, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

3. Good color rendering, more realistic presentation of physical color. Various light and color options can meet the needs of different environments. It eliminate the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps bringing more comfortable visio and improving the efficiency of workers.

4. The flood light is controled by constant current and voltage. It can work in the condition of AC85V -265V.  It overcomes the noise pollution and light instability caused by ballast. This can  avoid the stimulation and fatigue brought to eyes during working.

3. The decorative effect is excellent. Special surface treatment technology is adopted. Various appearance colors can be selected. Easy installation and disassembly make it has wide application scope.


     Model          Watt(w)    Voltage(v)   Lumen(lm)     CRI       PF     Beam Angle   IP            LED             LxWxH(mm)

YMY-0916X-050     50         85-265             7000        70     0.95         120°    IP66          MLS             235*190*35

YMY-0916X-100    100         85-265           12000       70     0.95         120°    IP66          MLS             285*225*35

YMY-0916X-150    150         85-265           18000       70     0.95         120°    IP66          MLS             335*270*42

YMY-0916X-200    200         85-265           24000       70     0.95         120°      IP66          MLS             385*310*45
YMY-0916X-300    300         85-265           36000       70     0.95         120°      IP66          MLS             435*350*45

Products Details



aluminum shell

high quality chip


flood lights PDF download  YMY-0906G Brochure

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