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street light

These are related to the street light news, in which you can learn about the updated information in street light, to help you better understand and expand street light market. Because the market for street light is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
LED street lights make our city more beautiful


Night fell and the lights came on. As it is the only male Ann district station, at the same time, also is one of the most prosperous, most part of this, baiyangdian standing before the street lights, 70 with the state electricity for identification of 5 g intelligent street lamp lit up the station s

New trend LED street light


Recently, due to the crisis of power shortage and the pressure of power price, the Office of Lanling Town, Linyi city decided to invest 32 million yuan per year, replacing all the office of street lamps town responsible for maintenance and management with LED lights, it is estimated that 1 million K

LED street lights will become the modern society's only choice of road lighting.


LED street lights are being adopted by more and more cities due to their lower energy cost and longer service life. Last year the City of Aberdeen launched a £9 million, seven-year plan to replace all traditional street lights with LEDS within seven years. The city has also installed a smart street

Why is it that today's solar street light all choose lithium batteries instead of lead batteries


The Solar Street light consists of a solar panel, a lithium battery, a solar controller, a solar lithium battery, and a light source. Therefore, the quality of Lithium Ion batteries is very important for solar street light. So why do we choose lithium batteries over lead batteries?

How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?


How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?I. dustproof and waterproof of solar street lampAccording to the dust content, air displacement, and budget lamp addition of the site, we can select the appropriate dust-proof and waterproof grade street lamp.For dust-proof planning, a si

street light

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