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YMY0901G Outdoor IP66 Floodlight High Lumen Led Flood Light

High Lumen Led Flood Light, waterproof IP 66, outdoor and indoor use
  • YMY-0901G
  • YMY
  • YMY-0901G-150

Product Description

◆ YMY-0901G flood light is a new popular design. A whole die-casting molding structure and generous concise appearance. LED flood light is super than traditional halogen lamp in the area of outdoor lighting. The YMY-0901G outdoor flood light has higher energy efficient. For same power, the SMD out door LED flood light, it is brighter than its alternatives.

◆ Keeping same with other LED products, YMY-0901G SMD outdoor flood light has longer service time. It can achieve 50,000 hours (13 times of halogen lamp).

◆ YMY-0901G SMD outdoor flood light achieve the standard of IP66. It can withstand harsh conditions such as torrential rains and extreme heat. Meeting your outdoor lighting needs!

◆ This SMD outdoor flood light is suitable for parking lots, park, industrial factory building, advertising board, square and other general purpose areas. 


     Model          Watt(w)    Voltage(v)   Lumen(lm)     CRI       PF     Beam Angle   IP            LED             LxWxH(mm)

YMY-0901G-050    30         85-265           6000         70    0.95         120°   IP66           MLS           205*186*50mm

YMY-0901G-50      50          85-265          12000        70     0.95         120°  IP66           MLS          245*235*48mm

YMY-0901G-100    100        85-265          18000        70     0.95         120°  IP66           MLS          298*288*50mm

YMY-0901G-150    150        85-265          24000        70     0.95         120°  IP66           MLS          340*330*64mm

YMY-0901G-200    200        85-265          18000        70     0.95         120°  IP66           MLS          370*359*64mm

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Product Details

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