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You are here: Home / News / Product news / Why we decide to develop the solar treet light and solar flood light ?

Why we decide to develop the solar treet light and solar flood light ?

Views:300     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-29      Origin:Site

Why we decide to develop the solar treet light and solar flood light ? 

Because it has so many advantages as following: 

Cosmic energy: when the sun shines on the earth, it can be exploited directly, whether on land or sea, whether in mountains or islands, without the need for mining and transportation. 

Tremendous energy: the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface each year is equivalent to a trillion tons of standard coal, a huge amount of energy that the world can tap. It is not suitable for parallel use. It must be used in parallel.

Long-term energy: at the current rate of solar-generated nuclear power, hydrogen storage is enough to last tens of billions of years, while the earth's life span is about a few billion years. In this sense, the energy of the sun is inexhaustible. A strong wind, such as a typhoon, blows in summer

Environmental protection energy: solar energy development and utilization will not pollute the environment, is one of the clean energy, in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution extremely valuable.

In a word, solar energy is not only primary energy, but also renewable energy. It creates a new life form for human beings and makes the society and human beings enter the era of energy conservation and emission reduction.

If you think solar energy is only good for solar street lamps and solar water heaters, you're wrong. Although we are seeing more solar street lamps and solar water heaters in our daily life, as far as solar energy resources are concerned, its application will be greatly expanded with the development of science and technology. Recently, it has been reported that a new breakthrough has been made in the application of solar energy.

Solar energy has an energy price system worth studying. The key is the price of silicon. The price of silicon accounts for more than a third of the total cost of making solar lamps, and nearly half, driven up by many artificial market forces.

Battery and controller are expensive, the battery is not durable enough, must be replaced regularly, the life of the controller is generally only a few years; Poor performance. As a result of external factors such as climate, the gender decreases. The solar street lights on shenzhen binhai avenue cannot rely on sunlight alone, just like the yingbin avenue in dazu county, chongqing. The dual mode of municipal power supply is adopted, which makes the management and maintenance difficult.

The price of silicon is only us $per kilo. It has now reached us $/ kg. The shortage of silicon has doubled its price. Almost every country in the world, including the factories that make silicon. Economies of scale also affect costs. If the cost of silicon can be greatly reduced, the cost of solar energy can be greatly reduced. In the future, the development of low-carbon environmental protection lamp pole has become an indisputable fact. Enterprises must adhere to the basic principles of scientific practice and innovative development, reduce light pollution caused by lamp-post lighting, improve the coefficient of lighting stability, and create a high-quality light environment that cannot be replaced by other traditional lamp-posts.

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