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You are here: Home / News / Product news / The importance of selection of heat dissipation materials for outdoor LED light

The importance of selection of heat dissipation materials for outdoor LED light

Views:311     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-03      Origin:Site

LED outdoor light is a kind of light which is exposed in the outdoor. It is waterproof, rainproof and windproof. It is often used in squares, stations, shopping malls and other places.

Outdoor LED lamps are very important in the selection of heat dissipation materials:

The shell and radiator are designed as a whole to solve the heating problem of LED. Generally, aluminum or aluminum alloy is selected, as well as other alloys with good heat conduction. Heat dissipation generally includes air convection, heat pipe and strong wind cooling.

What kind of heat dissipation mode to choose has a direct impact on the cost of lamps and lanterns. It should be considered comprehensively, and the best scheme should be selected in combination with the designed products.

The design and material selection of lampshade is also very important. At present, toughened glass and PC materials are used. What kind of material should be chosen for the lampshade is related to the product grade positioning. Generally speaking, the best shade for outdoor lamps is glass products, which is the best choice for manufacturing long-life and high-grade lamps. The lampshade made of transparent plastic and other materials is better for indoor lamps. The life of transparent plastic used outdoors is limited, because outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet, chemical gas, dust, temperature difference between day and night and other factors reduce the aging life of lampshade, and it is not easy to clean after pollution, so that the transparency of lampshade reduces and affects light output.

LED outdoor lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting landscape lamps. With the change of social and economic development trend and the gradual enhancement of people's environmental protection awareness, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a part of our life theme. The reason why LED outdoor lamp can be widely used by people is that whether from the Perspective of material selection or practicality, it has a ring The characteristics of energy conservation can not only effectively save electricity, but also beautify the environment to a certain extent.

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