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You are here: Home / News / Product news / Let's take a look at how solar street lights are lighting up the mountains and their way home.

Let's take a look at how solar street lights are lighting up the mountains and their way home.

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Let's take a look at how solar street lights are lighting up the mountains and their way home.

"A concrete road, winding into a road; New buildings, beautiful villages all over the valley..." Crossing the Nu River valley, the car runs biluo Snow Mountain, a cliff slope 2,000 meters above sea level, dotted with blue-roofed and yellow-walled qianjiao buildings. Have not entered the village, cheerful Lisu song has floated into the ear. There were a few lamps in the distance, few but bright.

In Saede Village, Lubenzhuo Township, Lushui City, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, the reporter met Ah Hua, a "native singer" in the village. "I wrote a song about the new life of the Lisu people," he asked, smiling broadly in a traditional linen blouse and knee-length black pants. "Does it sound good?"

During the epidemic, the sales of agricultural products of the Lisu people were affected, and the joint poverty alleviation work group of the Armed Police Corps in Shanghai and the Armed Police Corps in Yunnan optimized and adjusted the support plan for many times. In the middle of June, Yang Zenan returned to The Village with the working group and continued to promote the production and marketing linkage model of "Made in Yunnan - Promoted in Shanghai - sold nationwide".

Before we are very few people dare to walk at night, because the night here is particularly dark. But now people are not afraid to walk at night, and every winding path is equipped with LED solar lamps

"In The Village of Seychour, the 'Cloud Party class' is very popular!" Counting secretary, a 70 - year - old big steak pay said, from the video attachment to visit a big site of the communist party of China for the first time, to now can online learning by the rich in the fields, the party fighting forts role helping to strengthen the village party branch, the party led the people out of poverty to get rich atmosphere thick, lisu people changed ideas, energy enough.

In the past, every family in The village "had thatched roofs for trees and beams, three stones for a fire pit, and cattle and sheep in the house". Qiao Yuhua, a villager who participated in the collective enterprise operation in the village, told reporters that his family now has an annual income of 40,000 yuan, a 140 square meter flat, various household appliances, kitchen, toilet and livestock separation, and a new life. Before, they all studied by kerosene lamps. Now, LED lights are used in every household.

Stone road turned into cement road, LED solar street lights to illuminate the valley, the old village has new changes every day, lisu people happily dance guozhuang dance, singing a new folk song: "is the Party changed the canyon people's life, lead us to a happy tomorrow...

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