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LED street lights make our city more beautiful

Views:103     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-09      Origin:Site

Night fell and the lights came on. As it is the only male Ann district station, at the same time, also is one of the most prosperous, most part of this, baiyangdian standing before the street lights, 70 with the state electricity for identification of 5 g intelligent street lamp lit up the station square, distributes the passengers and provide convenience to activities of citizens and become the male AnXin area a bright window. This is the first smart demonstration project put into operation by the State Power Investment corporation in Xiongan in May this year, and its successful application shows people a new model of future energy development in the new area.

East Energy (Hebei Company, Xiongan Company) built 5G smart street lamps in the square in front of Baiyangdian Railway Station.

Wisdom goes first, lighting up the future. The 5G smart street lamp, which is installed in Xiongan New Area this time, makes full use of the micro-fan at the top and photovoltaic panels to generate clean electricity, and combines with the energy storage system at the bottom to meet charging and discharging requirements. The project and municipal electric power complement each other in many ways, so that landscape lighting has nine functions, such as intelligent lighting, 5G micro-base station, WiFi hotspot, environmental sensing, intelligent charging, information release, security monitoring, help alarm and integrated intelligent energy control. The smart street lamp is also equipped with the "National Power Investment power System", which is independently researched and developed, for big data analysis, intelligent control and energy saving adjustment, and the construction of a micro integrated smart energy system, so that wind, light, storage and charging can reflect each other, fully demonstrating the technology and advantages of the national power investment comprehensive smart energy system. In three years, the national electricity in photovoltaic (pv) system into full play the whole industry chain and wisdom energy industry advantage, staged scene ChuChong piconets demonstration photovoltaic, solar landscape park, leisure bench, wisdom, wisdom, love house, and a series of highly intelligent charging pile, micro wisdom energy projects, has the characteristic of the brand to create energy compound innovation platform.

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