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LED lamp aging test

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LED lamp aging test

In order to prevent and control the quality of LEDs, every LED lamp eed to do aging test after the production finished. The main purpose is to test whether the LEDs are damaged in the assembly process and to check whether the power supply is stable under high temperature environment. Aging test has flexibility in practical operation, which can meet the requirements of relevant standards and improve production efficiency.

If there is no aging, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, and uncertain factors will appear in the initial stage of the work, which will greatly increase the follow-up maintenance costs and safety accidents. In contrast, the products have been tested and checked before they leave the factory, which has improved the performance of the lamps and greatly increased the stability of the post work efficiency. This is also the craftsmanship of our Mingyang. , enjoy high quality lighting.

YMY LIGHTING LED lighting test standards are divided into the following four types:

1. Do a good job in testing the aging and impact of the drive power supply;

2. According to the batch of LED, sample the high current light decay test;

3. Perform a full set of testing and aging test for more than 24 hours for newly developed engineering products to evaluate stability and service life;

4. For mass-produced products, routine full-scale testing and 6-12 hours aging impact test.

We do our best to make every lamp, it is the social responsibility; we are dedicated to our customers with excellent products, and we sincerely hope to win the trust of our customers and realize the development of “being the best LED products and being the best LED enterprise”vision.

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