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Installation instructions for solar street light

Views:201     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-03      Origin:Site

solar street light

Installation instructions for solar street lamps:

1.1 in the whole process of material opening, the lamp pole adopts digital automatic plasma cutting with fine incision and cutting joint no more than 1mm, creating many favorable conditions for the subsequent street lighting process.

1.2 welding adopts numerical control automatic sealing machine. The equipment integrates the function of assembly and welding and overcomes the influence of traditional spot welding on the integrity of the straightening weld. Once the weld is formed, the surface is uniform and the straightness is not greater than 2‰.

1.3 in the whole production process, the company needs to conduct two plastic surgeries. It is beneficial to the correctness of lamppost welding and the consistency of the whole batch of lamppost appearance. The second time is carried out after galvanizing and before plastic spraying to eliminate the bending of the lamp pole caused by thermal stress. Finished products so that the lamp pole straightness is not greater than 1‰, the total length is not greater than 5mm.

1.4 forming with up to 12 meters of CNC hydraulic bending machine, high control accuracy, beautiful shape of the lamp pole, roundness does not exceed 1mm, smooth shape, a molding up to more than 12 meters.

1.5 the production of lamp post adopts galvanizing technology and galvanizing equipment to solve the problem that spraying aluminum and spraying zinc can only be a physical combination, can not form zinc titanium alloy metal adhesion poor, short service life.

(1) use grade A Q235 steel plate

(2) good galvanized anticorrosion life up to more than 30 years.

(3) strictly manage the galvanizing process, and check the pickling, galvanizing temperature and other technical parameters in strict accordance with the national standard GB/ t13912-92.

1.6 with the door

(1) the distribution gate is cut by CNC plasma cutting machine, which has the advantages of high cutting precision and small cutting area and is integrated with the bar body.

(2) the bar door is equipped with grounding device and ground wire.

1.7 plastic spraying

(1) in strict accordance with the technical requirements of post-galvanizing spraying, the bar body shall be sprayed before spraying to increase adhesion and not damage the hot-dip galvanizing layer.

(2) strictly control the curing time and curing temperature to protect the plastic layer evenly, smooth and without pores.

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