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You are here: Home / News / Product news / How to choose the high quality LED outdoor flood lights?

How to choose the high quality LED outdoor flood lights?

Views:207     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-06      Origin:Site

led flood lights

There are so many kinds of LED flood lights on the market now. Then the problem comes, how to choose the high quality LED flood light. Today let’s talk about the notices what need to be take into consideration.

 The structure of LED flood lights include housing, driver, LED chips. They looks the same in appearance. But in fact, the materials used by different manufacturers are different, including shell, LED chips, driver, etc., all of which have different quality levels.

1.    Shell.  

Usually, the lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy, with heat sink on the back. The thicker the dissipatting heat fin, the better the heat dissipation effect. The better the heat dissipation, the longer the life of the lamp.

2.   Driver.

The good or bad quality of power supply directly affects the lighting of lamps.

◆3.    LED chip.

The chip is the main body that decides the lighting. Maybe you will find out why there is a gap in the brightness of the same wattage led floodlight. That's because the good and bad chips lead to different lighting.

◆4.    Waterproof grade

The floodlight is generally used for outdoor lighting, so outdoor lighting can not avoid long-term wind and rain, and improper waterproof technology will be fatal to the floodlight.

     ◆5 Lightning protection level

Outdoor lights will inevitably encounter lightning when encountering thunderstorm weather, so lightning protection must be in place, which is one of the necessary factors for outdoor lights.

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