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How to choose LED high bay light

Views:3216     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-08      Origin:Site

How to choose LED high bay light

LED high bay light is the new light based on the traditional high-power industrial and mining lamp. The new high bay light can save energy, improve illumination, thus reducing the use-cost.

A good high bay light should have a good heart. The heart of a led industrial light is the chip. The quality of the chip depends on the luminous flux and the lumen depreciation.

The second important factor is the heat dispersion. The poor heat dissipation aluminum will reduce the life span of the LED because of the high temperature and it even lead to burning out the driver.

The driver is also very important. The driver depends the work efficiency and service time.

Besides above points, there are many matters need attention.The color should be coordinated to avoid the glare. The soft light and the even brightness can avoid the eye fatigue of construction workers under long-time exposure.


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