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You are here: Home / News / Product news / How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?

How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?

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How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?


How does solar street lamp achieve dustproof and windproof?

I. dustproof and waterproof of solar street lamp

According to the dust content, air displacement, and budget lamp addition of the site, we can select the appropriate dust-proof and waterproof grade street lamp.

For dust-proof planning, a simple and feasible method is to install a waterproof and breathable rubber strip on the touch part between the lampshade and the lamp holder. Therefore, the quality of the air permeable rubber strip directly determines the quality and service life of dust-proof and water-proof. However, the most effective way to prevent dust and water is to pour glue. This method has a relatively high cost, but the effect of dust and water is the best.

In addition, ballast, flip-flop and lamp bead parts used in lamps will generate heat during use. The heat dissipation performance of lamps will directly affect the service life of lamps. Therefore, toughened glass is preferred for lampshade. In the past, people mostly used synthetic plastics as the raw materials of lampshade. After several years of application, the lamp shade will be aged. Cause poor light transmittance of lampshade, and then affect the brightness of street lamp.


II. Wind proof of solar street lamp

1. Root

As the shadow engineering of street lamp engineering, street lamp foundation is also a very important part of the overall wind protection and safe use of street lamps. First of all, C20 concrete shall be selected for pouring, and foundation bolts shall be selected according to the height of the lamp pole.

① Φ 20 bolts with length of 1100mm and base depth of 1200mm shall be selected for the 8m pole;

② Φ 22 bolts with length of 1200mm and root depth of 1300mm shall be selected for 10m pole;

③ Φ 22 bolts with length of 1300mm and depth of 1400mm shall be selected for 12m lamp pole;

The lower part of the root should be larger than the upper part, which is conducive to the stability of the root and the enhancement of anti wind ability.

In general, with the role of streetlights in urban roads gradually improving, streetlights should not only meet the lighting needs, but also meet the requirements of safety, reliability and durability.


2. Lamps

As an important part of the street lamp, the quality of the lamp is very important. High quality lamp make sure is the basic for wind proof. Its shell material must be aluminum casting alloy, the thickness must meet the requirements, and there must be outstanding touch points at the joints of various parts. The buckle part is the most important part. Because of the unreasonable buckle planning in the past, a large number of lamps will be damaged in each strong wind. Therefore, it is necessary to select taut on the lamp Spring buckle, and the quantity shall be sufficient. The lamp shall be opened directly on the upper part, and the ballast and other important parts shall be fixed on the lamp body, so as to avoid the safety accident caused by the falling of parts after the lamp cover is damaged.

How to select the solar street lamp battery components? The main contents are as follows:

First, the supplier of components, whether the supplier is a mainstream brand manufacturer, the large brand components have perfect quality assurance and after-sales service, so the quality of components products is guaranteed.

Second, to see if the shell work is fine.

Fourth, see the welding process, see if there is any missing welding at the battery chip string welding place, which can be directly seen through the appearance.

Fifth, the conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable income! This conversion power appearance is invisible, need to compare the component parameters.

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