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High Quality Medical Negatoscope Film Viewer

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High Quality Medical Negatoscope Film Viewer

Material selection and production of Medical Led Film Viewer in our company

1. YMY High Quality Medical Negatoscope Film Viewer is upgraded in an all-round way, and the circuit board of LED is upgraded from the original fiberglass board to the metal aluminum substrate.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum substrate is greater than that of fiberglass, so the heat dissipation effect is very good. The main reason that affects the life of LED is the cooling system. The heat dissipation system has a great influence on the life of LED chip. When the same quality chip is placed in different lamps, the life will be several times or even dozens of times different. In addition to the optical system, the cooling system plays a decisive role in the design of a lamp.

2. The uniform lattice direct LED light source layout is adopted, the light is more uniform, and the uniformity is more than 90%. The industry standard of general technical conditions for hospital image and photo observation device stipulates that the uniformity of brightness of uniformity observation screen shall be more than 70%.

Medical Led Film Viewer

High Quality Medical Negatoscope Film Viewer

3. The observation screen is made of acrylic plate produced by Liyang type company of Mitsubishi, Japan. It has stronger and softer light output and is not easy to turn yellow and deform. It can be used for a long time without replacement.

acrylic plate

4. Light source loss is less, the maximum brightness is more than 4500cd / m2; color temperature is more than 9600k, and it is more suitable for reading medical film if it is cold and not dazzling.

5. The excellent clip device - elastic silica gel clip device, avoids the card or chip dropping phenomenon caused by the smoothness of the needle.

6. When the viewing lamp is inserted, the joint of the inserted film will be on automatically, and the other parts will be off automatically. When the film is removed, it will be off automatically. Ensure the quality of reading film and save electric energy to the maximum extent.

7. With the world's advanced LCD LED backlight technology, the product has a long service life and more energy saving.

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